“In terms of precision, the festival’s winners were Tunnel Six. The sextet played highly detailed songs with effortless grace. This might have been the best out-and-out jazz at the festival, and the audience was really into it. More bands like this would be a great way to go for this diverse, solidly attended festival in years to come.” –

“The dramatic builds of intensity, the soaring melodicism, the amiable charm of folk music and how it shakes hands firmly with a modern jazz built on a foundation of imagery and mood more than it is blues and swing. […] The expressions are delivered […] with a wide-open lyricism that trades in the focused intensity for a substantive story arc. – Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

“One of their greatest attributes is the ability to make a sextet sound like a miniature orchestra. […] Each player has their own sound, a feat in this day and age when there are literally thousands of clones out there. […] All of the playing here is a breath of fresh air.” – Jazz Society of Oregon Jazzscene Magazine

“Many of their tunes possess an epic quality, a sense of long distances traveled, far far away, even as they behave as songs that exist very much in the moment. […] The seamless transitions between solos, the multi-tasking partnerships with rhythm, and the Rube Goldberg melodic directions at unexpected moments… they all point to a synchronicity that only becomes evident when one steps back from the music and attempts to separate the act of performance from the performance itself.” – Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

Alive is a cohesive statement, from start to finish, full of expansive, slightly blurred […] soundscapes, hot horns and seamless instrumental interaction.” – All About Jazz

“Comprised of several young modern jazz artists, each notable band leaders in their own right, Tunnel Six has grown from a collective group of friends at the Banff Centre into a deeply intertwined musical unit capable of connecting with a wide array of audiences on a deep and emotional level. Their performances have often moved listeners, and this year the group will capture the spirit of their live performances with a follow-up recording to their internationally-released first album, Lake Superior.” – Pentiction Western News

“Melodies that dare to be epic, jazz compositions that stretch out to the fringes of the genre, and a cohesion and selflessness that would indicate a collaborative period measured in years, not months.” – eMusic

“For a group of players that individually live all over North America, Tunnel Six shows remarkably skillful ensemble interaction.” – Cadence

“Tuneful contemporary jazz with a lot of space” – Edmonton Journal

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