Toonie for Tunnel Six!

We’re gearing up for our tour, it’s only a month away, woah! It’s hard to believe it’s actually going to happen after so many months of planning. We’ve crunched all the numbers, as it were, and even with the support of the Canada Council and RACC, we’re a bit short. Therefore, we’re launching a “Toonie for Tunnel Six” campaign.  The Americans in the band think this is really funny (seriously, currency called a “Toonie”?!), and the Canadians are coming around to realize the absurdity of the name as well.*

So, we’ve created a “Donate” page with more information.  Each Toonie will move us 15 km (9.32 miles) farther down the road, with the goal of course to cover our tour itinerary from Toronto to Portland, OR.  So, have a look and drop a virtual toonie in the virtual hat!  We promise to keep you amused throughout the tour on this site and our Facebook Page as well as putting on a great show in your city.  So, click on over and help us out, we really appreciate it, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the road!

*ah, the advantage of one of the American band members running the website becomes clear….

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