Onward to Ottawa!

So, after a year in the works, we got off to a smashing start last night at the Rex in Toronto!  It’s a fantastic room and it was completely full for almost the entire evening!  After learning an amazing amount of really hard music in a really short period of time, we were all reminded again how great of a band this is when we pulled it off with lots of energy and gusto.  We also met up with Mark and Heather Segger, both great musicians who were at Banff with us.  The connections never end!  A great start to the tour.

Today we’re heading up to Ottawa to play at Cafe Paradiso.  It will be a smaller room but we’ve heard great things about it and are looking forward to starting our voyage.  Time to pack up MOOSE WARRIOR (which, incidentally, now has a tune by Chad named after it) and hit the road.

Here are a few pictures from last night…

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