Well we’re really blasting across North America here in MOOSE WARRIOR!  We’re in the van so internet is somewhat slow and pictures are not uploading properly.  I will update with pictures later today.  Meanwhile, a brief recap of the past few days:

We rolled into Calgary on Thursday after a lengthy drive across the plains.  We played a nice though poorly attended gig at the BeatNiq, mostly due to a freak snowstorm (which actually is still dumping snow on Calgary – more on that in a minute).  The room and people were nice and it was certainly a good stop which we hope to repeat next time, but without the horrendous weather!

The next morning we played our “homecoming” gig at the Banff Centre, during their lunch break.  It was awesome to be back there and see Dave Douglas and some other good friends of ours who were back from last year.  We then blasted north to Edmonton for an amazing gig at YardBird Suite, one of the finest jazz clubs any of us has ever played.  It’s all volunteer run, they have amazing gear, a great piano, a highly attentive audience, and they treated us amazingly.  It was certainly the best gig of our tour so far, and we really hope to have the chance to play there again!

Since then, we’ve been driving constantly and are about to arrive at the West Coast at last for what promises to be a really nice gig tonight at the Sunshine Coast Arts Center, the kickoff for the Gibson’s Landing Jazz Festival.  We’re very excited to have finished up our last super-long drive, now we just have some short drives and ferries for the rest of the tour!  Huzzah!

More pictures and audio from Edmonton coming very soon!  Cheers y’all…

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