Day One!

Well we’ve all reunited again here in Canmore, two years after we met just down the road in Banff, and are about to rehearse some new music to get ready for the shows starting tonight!

Tyson, Chad and myself (Andrew) started 2 days ago in Portland, where we discovered that the station wagon was in fact too small for the amount of gear we had…somehow made it work however:

After that somewhat uncomfortable short trek to Vancouver, we had a long day of driving yesterday all the way out through the Rockies (in all their still-snowy glory) and picked up everyone else at the Calgary Airport.  We enjoyed a nice morning in Canmore and enjoyed the excellent weather:

Not too much else to report, but we’re really excited to be working on some brand new music and hitting the road again!  Brian and Tyson are tweeting as well, there is a widget to the right, and of course you can find us on Facebook as well.  We’ll have some more pictures from official tour documenter Tyson very soon.

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