The Tour Begins!

Last Thursday night Tunnel Six officially arrived at the Sunshine Coast!  After a slew of flights, lay-overs, long drives and one ferry trip we all conjured up in a nestled cabin located in the woods of Roberts Creek, BC .  The scenery was incredible and the people are just as friendly as their reputation upholds.  With virtually no internet service at the cabin, it’s the perfect place for us to catch up and spend tumultuous hours rehearsing.  For us, this is quite reminiscent of our original inception at the Banff Centre for the Arts back in 2009

This year we are performing at the Gibson’s Landing Jazz Fest to kick off our tour.  After that we’re on to a Big Band clinic over in Sechelt (pronouced ‘sea shelt’).  The cabin is loaded with food, beer and wine and our spirits are high as we embrace the very laid back and friendly community vibe that is the west coast of Canada.

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