A Society of Jazz (Goats on a Roof)

On Saturday night Tunnel Six had an extremely pleasant experience with The Edmonton Jazz Society at The Yardbird Suite.  The venue was great and we marvelled in the extremely impressive list of performers who have graced that stage!  It seems to be a tradition to sign your name on the wall of the green room backstage.  This was our 3rd time performing there so we were very grateful and honored to have written our name on the wall along side such talent.  This photo consists of just a few names, the list simply went on forever and the picture app only allowed for 9 tiles.


Afterward, Tunnel Six shuffled westward to the very beautiful British Columbia!  We enjoyed a nice evening at Jericho Beach overlooking Vancouver’s epic skyline then jumped a ferry over to the island where we performed for The Georgia Strait Jazz Society in Courtenay.   Both of these gigs were incredible for us for many reasons.  They were held by two of Canada’s functioning jazz societies which meant that the audiences were not just full, but attentive and appreciative of the art.  As well, when organizations such as these provide their members with such a high caliber of consistent programing, it fosters a culture of trust within their community that facilitates the discovery of new and visiting artists.

We are very thankful to these organizations for truly making a tangible and effective effort to support the arts and contribute to the progression of this timeless music!  Here is a picture including members of T6 with some of the leaders of these great jazz societies.


Today we arrived in Victoria and are looking forward to performing at yet another staple of Canadian jazz tradition, Hermann’s Jazz club on Tuesday night!  After that we will be playing at The Cellar in Vancouver on Wednesday night!

Lastly, as the title promised… here are some goats on the roof of a market…  only on Vancouver island could we see this!!


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