Andrew and Chad Drive A Lot

Hello all!  Chad and Andrew here, driving past Montana exit 396 – “Ranch Access” in our huge and thankfully red (i.e. not white) van, “MOOSE WARRIOR!”.  After taking 3 months off our lives dealing with commercial auto insurance (NOT RECOMMENDED), we are finally safely and legally underway!

Yesterday we left Portland at the unfortunately late hour of 11 after picking up the van and proceeded with great haste and vigor to Spokane without stopping once!  Somewhat dehydrated, we bought lots of gas and continued valiantly on I-90 through Idaho [picture] to Missoula, Montana, where upon stopping at Burger King at 9 pm, we discovered that we still had 200 miles to our hotel in Bozeman.

Nonetheless, we powered through to the “Wynard by Wyndham” or whatever, Chad likes to Priceline good hotels, which is much appreciated, and passed out righteously.  Upon awakening, we were educated in the ways of sniper rifles and defending oneself in a hostage situation thanks to a nearby casual conversation at breakfast.  Yes, we are far from the Pacific Northwest!

This morning we stopped at Target to get (yes this is nerdy) travel mug – French presses to fufill our Northwest stereotype of being coffee snobs (and after Chad broke the glass French Press we brought with us on the first day).

Now we’re moving pleasently along, looking at the Rockies, and preparing to merge onto another highway (always exciting).  We expect to arrive in Sioux Falls, SD around 10 PM tonight, then onward to Madison, WI tomorrow, where we will take it easy on the massive drives and instead hang out with my old college roommate!

Onward and upward, MOOSE WARRIOR!

UPDATE:  We arrived safe and sound in Sioux Falls, where everyone is pleasant and the hamburgers are made with local beef!  Huzzah.

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