Entering Civility

Through a windshield covered with the remains of insects that were once at least the size of a grapefruit, Andrew and Chad continue to watch the world go by at a relatively average speed. Things are looking up as we near civilization. The soil is obviously much more fertile, and sports cars are once again appearing on the hi-way. Breakfast at the hotel in Sioux Falls featured much improved eaves-dropping (telling family members that the key to their health problems was to loose “some of that damn weight” and so on).

While loading all of the gear back into MOOSE WARRIOR we rode the elevator down with the cleaning staff. One of them fell asleep during the brief three-floor elevator ride, and when the elevator made a loud banging noise she woke up and screamed “Oh god, I hate this elevator!” Simply stunning. We hope this happens daily.

We crossed the Missippi River on our trusty steed, and now are in Wisconson – looking forward to our first day in which a larger percentage of our day is spent not moving in a van down the interstate. Cheese, Spam, and many silos and barns are everywhere here.

UPDATE: After a very pleasant afternoon and evening in Madison eating fried cheese curds and hanging out with Kevin, we are about to embark on the very short (!) 2-hour drive to Chicago.  More soon!

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