Arrival in Toronto!

So, after many more hours of driving, Andrew and Chad have finally arrived in Toronto!  We are just awaiting the arrival of Tyson’s MEGA-BUS from New York, and then the band will be complete for the first time in a year, actually a year to the day as this year’s Banff workshop is starting up right now!

Chad and I had a great time in Chicago yesterday, hanging out with the very generous Geof Bradfield, who graciously let us stay at his house (he is a fantastic tenor player on the scene there), and visiting with my friend Mike as well.  We even went up the Hancock Tower to have a drink and look at the amazing view:

Wow, what a great city.  Anyway, we continued onward and upward through Indiana (where we got a nail removed from our tire) and Michigan (right near the childhood home of my mother, in fact) and across the border to Toronto (see photo of bridge above)!  It’s fantastic to be here and finally meet up with everyone, and we’ll be starting to rehearse tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here are a couple more pictures from our drive for your enjoyment.  See you all soon!

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