Great times in Montreal

Well we’re on our way across Ontario to WAWA, halfway between Montreal and Winnipeg.  Today we got up at 5 AM and embarked, looking something like this:

However, before this somewhat unpleasent 2-fifteen-hour-day episode, we had some great times in Montreal.  We stayed in a bizarre hotel on an otherwise uninhabited island some distance from downtown, but it was cheap and nice enough.  We even had a lengthy and extremely productive rehearsal in a conference room, and have produced, for your viewing pleasure, a little taste of what we’re up to: the melody of Chad’s brand new tune “MOOSE WARRIOR”, named after our trusty tour van:

We had a day off in Montreal on Friday, after traveling from Ottawa, and had some great times in the city, and then played a fun gig last night with Julie Themens’ band.  Julie is a great pianist who was also at Banff last year, and we split the bill at a little place called Bistro in Vivo in Eastern Montreal, in a 100% Francophone neighborhood, which was cool and also another nice change of vibe.  The audience was extremely appreciative and attentive, and Julie’s band played a great set too.  We’re blasting through Ontario here, and looking forward to our busy week of shows in Central and Western Canada.  Here are some photos from our times in Motreal:

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