Near Selkirk!

We’ve arrived at Ben Dietschi’s mom’s house, near Selkirk, Manitoba, after MANY hours of driving both yesterday and today.  Some highlights were a great wade in Lake Superior yesterday, which was just what we needed after a day in the car:

Last night we spent the night in some sweet log cabins in WAWA, Ontario, run by some really nice Polish people who were very enthusiastic about hosting us.

Unfortunately we were unable to hang out and enjoy the nature, we had to hit the road to make it here.  We blasted through many hours of lakes and then 3 hours of miserable but stunning thunderstorms and pouring rain to arrive at last!

Tomorrow night: Le Foyer in Winnipeg!  And, for good measure, Chad’s photoshop skills take a turn for the better (or worse) to greet you from our fine tour van:

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