Goodbye Manitoba!

Well we’ve had a splendid couple of days in Manitoba, full of really nice and generous people and a couple great gigs.  We started out with a nice dinner with Ben’s father in Winnipeg yesterday followed by a really fun gig at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, a cultural center for French speakers in Manitoba.  It was a fantastic room and a very attentive and full audience – we couldn’t have asked for more!

Today we drove to Ben’s college town of Brandon, MB and did a really nice clinic in the morning.  We discussed Brian’s tune “Not Yet” and different ways in which we conceptualize collective improvisation.  A good friend of Ben’s and a great patron of the arts here, Scott, took us out to a huge lunch of sushi (very far from the ocean), and then we took a righteous nap before playing a nice little gig over at The Music Studio, a nice small and intimate space.

Tomorrow we’re taking off on a rather lengthy (12-hour) trek over to Calgary for a gig at the BeatNiq!  Onward and upward!

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