Photo Time!

Well as promised, but slightly delayed, here is a bit of a chronicle of our tour so far this year.  As noted below, we had a bunch of driving and flying and eventually convened in beautiful Canmore, in the Canadian rockies.  We were very happy to see each other again:

We were very lucky to be able to stay at a great timeshare courtesy of Chad’s family.  They treated us very well despite our lengthy rehearsals in the main recreation room:

We played a couple of “secret” gigs at restaurants in Canmore to get warmed up for the tour.  The first one was at a very wood-filled place called the Iron Goat, with great food and a view of the epic mountains:

The following evening we played at an amazing Spanish restaurant called Tapas, where we were absolutely stuffed with extremely fine food and drink and had a generally great time.  Despite our best efforts, more food and drink kept mysteriously appearing, resulting in a fantastic evening for all:

Yesterday we decided to make the first Tunnel Six music video.  More on that very soon, but here’s a couple of images to whet your appetite, as it were:

We played a fun but somewhat turbulent gig at the BeatNiq in Calgary last night.  We debuted new songs by Chad and Brian, which went very well, and had a pretty good and relatively full house too!

Now we’re on our way to Edmonton where we’re playing at the Yardbird tonight!  See below for the really nice preview from the Edmonton Journal.  More to come!

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