Tour Photos Part 2

We’ve just finished up a great Spring tour of Alberta and BC and although we had the best of intentions to blog and post photos throughout the tour, we did not completely succeed at that task.  However, here is a second photo entry of the stretch from Edmonton to the Sunshine Coast, thanks to tour photographer Tyson.

We were very excited to return to the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton, one of the greatest clubs in all of Canada run by one of the most amazing jazz societies anywhere.  They even had  a nice feature in their program:

Then began the long drive westward through the Rockies and Cascades:

Ending at last in a suburb of Vancouver (the blurriness of the photo reflects our mental state at the time):

Then we moved on to one of our favorite areas, the Sunshine Coast (off the coast of Vancouver).  Ferries and great natural scenery greeted us:

We had some great times in Gibsons and Roberts Creek, and played a wonderful concert at a small recording studio for an amazing audience, where we also gave a community improvisation workshop earlier in the day to a wide diversity of instrumentalists (5 fiddles, drums, voice, harmonica, and piano), which was really a positive experience for us and the participants.

Coming soon, the “Tunnel Mountain” music video…

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