From Nola’s To Calgary

Last night we played Nola’s Creole Kitchen in Edmonton.  The atmosphere was classy and the crowd was eagerly listening to our 2 sets of music while indulging in their tasty menu.  It was nice to be back in Edmonton again as this was our 3rd year in a row playing this great northern city.  The night was winding down nicely as we finished our last few drinks.  And then, in true Tunnel Six fashion, our luck with the road finally ran out… a flat tire!  Luckily Chad was able to gracefully replace the spare so we didn’t drop a beat (with the exception of that strange bar of 7 in Andrew’s new tune “No Mongoose”; one of nine new songs we intend to record with a live record at the end of this tour).  With a quick visit to Canadian Tire the next morning we were able to hit the road towards Calgary for an evening at the Beatniq.

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