Calgary, Penticton to Vancouver

*** Unfortunately the Nanaimo gig scheduled for June 18 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstance regarding the venue ***

Tunnel Six will to continue the tour with our recording sessions in Vancouver, Seatle and Portland.
We sincerely apologize to any dissapointed fans in the area.

Friday we were graced by a delightfully full crowd at the Beat Niq jazz club in Calgary.  The atmosphere in the club was mellow and content; most likely because the Beat Niq is one of the last remaining ‘true’ jazz clubs left in Calgary.  It’s always such a treat for us musicians to know that people do come to listen to the music!

The next day we headed off to Penticton in the Okanagan Valley in BC.  Again, Tunnel Six found itself surrounded by beautiful mountainanous landscapes.  In the evening we played a quaint resaturant and bakery called Opus Cafe.  We slowly gained the attention of the audience as we embarked on a slow burn of T6 epicness over the course of two sets.  We’re happy to say we had them tapping their feet and rotating their chairs to get a better view by the end.

Here’s a little sample of a “The Wagon and the Gun” by Brian Seligman, one of the nine songs we intend to record.

The Wagon and the Gun ‘Teaser’

Onwards to Vancouver!

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