Spring Tour 2012 Wrap Up


Well we made it!  Tunnel Six has officially wrapped up our 2012 Spring tour.  We performed in nearly a dozen cities across Canada and the US and recorded enough material to release a live record.  We are all back in our respective home towns now (Ben and Brian in Toronto, Tyson in New York, Chad in Seattle, Ron in Halifax and Andrew in Portland).  While we are glad to be home, we felt it was an incredibly successful tour.  These tours are an artistically amazing and educational experience for us individually and as a group.  This year the music was pushed creatively in both writing and improvisation, while our main goal of achieving a unified ‘group’ sound was developed to be more cohesive and distinct than ever before.

We will be spending the next few months sifting through our increasing catalogue of material looking to find the best takes for the ‘Live’ album.

Be sure to check out our blog every so often as we will be posting ‘teasers’ of our new music and updating you on what we are each doing in our individual careers.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continued support of our music!

Thank you to the Canada Council For The Arts for their generous support!  It is because of their funding that we are able to exist as a cross continental ‘indie jazz’ band.   We are very proud to introduce our music to both Canadian and American audiences from east to west thus strengthening the artistic community between these two incredible, and historically artistic, countries.

“Now is the time to reach beyond our grasp.”  –  Wayne Shorter

All the best!

Tunnel Six

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