Seattle and Portland

Well the Tunnel Six crew has made it to Portland, Oregon!  We’re delighted that the weather is so nice out here, can you believe it, no rain  on the west coast!   Wednesday night we performed at Tula’s jazz club back in Seattle to an eager audience.  It was the second of our (now four) recording dates for this tour.  Afterwards we enjoyed ‘happy hour’ at a near by sushi place which basically meant we all eat two to three portions of sushi each.  We spent our time in Seattle at Chad’s beautifully renovated home, we even got to participate in some of the work as we helped him install his new steel bar, connecting his kitchen to his dining room.

With a quick drive to Portland Thursday morning we were off to play at Jimmy Mak’s.  This time, and for the only time on this tour, we had an opening band!  The Blue Cranes set the stage with their emotionally charged, introspective music.  We were all floored with their stage presence and sophisticated taste in improvisation.  And of course along with our own ethos there were beautiful soaring melodies to keep it all together.  We got up and played our long set to a packed house.  It felt great to play to both Andrew and Tyson’s home town.

Today we’re off to play at the Lincoln City Cultural Centre.  In the meantime we’re enjoying the west coast’s famous coffee.

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