The Great City of Vancouver

picmix-1852012-171914-300x300We performed at The Cellar jazz club last night in Vancouver.  The place was packed which helped make it a great show.  It was the first concert of a series of three in which we are being recorded for a possible full length “live” album.  While the show had a good vibe for our delightful audience, as a band we are continuing to push each other artistically to achieve the sound that we imagine to be our second album.  So we’ll be sure to spend another full day rehearsing to tighten up the loose ends for our next few gigs.  After the concert Tunnel Six had a good chance to unwind and enjoy the city of Vancouver.  There may have been some tequila shots, some pints and a lot of good times had…. we’re not sure as we are still picking up the pieces today.  Our friends Ian and Jackie were kind enough to look after the band for the night.  Which meant for some of us we were woken early by an adorable puppy licking our faces, not a bad way to wake up.  We then consolidated our enormous amount of equipment into Andrew’s ‘little engine that could’ and headed off.

Ben, Chad, Ron and Andrew stuffed into his truck while Tyson and Brian jumped a train heading towards Chad’s hometown Seattle, which is becoming one of our favourite cities to visit.

We will be performing at Tula’s on wednesday night.

Here is the view from the train.


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